If we all were us

I have never had any great love for the norms and expectations society enforces. Those unspoken rules are leftover vestiges of an ancient culture rooted in superstitions and a tribal mentality. They aren’t needed and aren’t helpful today, and I think the extent of their usefulness passed many many years ago.

Society likes to put people in boxes. You’re a white man, this is how you look. You’re a woman, here’s how you behave. You’re Hispanic, this is what I expect from you. And on it goes. And it’s caused immense harm, from outright discrimination to stifling people’s self-discovery and self-awareness.

What if we could all just be us? What if I could tell my family I submit to my wife? What if I, as a white man, could buy pink underwear for myself at Target or wear a collar in public without stares or judgements. What if a gay couple didn’t have to worry about where to buy a wedding cake? If a woman could be as assertive and take-charge as a man and not be labeled a nasty woman. If people could walk in public expressing and accepting all of themselves – their gender, their sexual orientation, their personality, their lifestyle choices, and we all just accepted it without judgement or surprise. 

The world would be a much more colorful place, and we would all feel so much more comfortable in our own skin. I think everyone experiences dysphoria of some kind because we all have to change a little when we leave home. I hope one day we live in a happier, more tolerant world. I fear it is many many years from now. 😞


One thought on “If we all were us

  1. This, all of this! I often find myself imagining what it would be like if we lived in a world where I could be open in my daily life, outside of the confines of my own walls, about the lifestyle I am living. It would be so much less stressful!


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