Healing Together

2017 has been crazy so far, and I am looking so forward to this summer. After finally getting through seasonal depression, we’ve had to deal with two deaths in the family, family drama, and struggles from our pasts while balancing grad school, our relationship, and general life responsibilities like work and our home.

Our relationship has suffered from these things, but we’re both determined to move forward and improve. We were both raised with abuse, which has impacted our relationships and from which she has largely moved forward and healed from. My journey has only just begun in some ways because my unique combo of emotional/religious abuse has befuddled many a therapist. I finally have someone who gets it. 

I’m already feeling more hopeful, and my wife and I reaffirmed our commitment to one another and to our D/s relationship as well. I am extremely lucky to have found someone who accepts me for me and is committed to being the healthiest people we can be individually and as a couple. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. And two weeks when I finally wrap up this semester of grad school and have some free time until late August. šŸ™‚


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