It’s been a rough several weeks since winter finally hit and settled in. We’re far enough south that it’s not horrible, but it definitely gets cold and is fully dark by 5:30 or 6. Having SAD and also being HSP makes consistency difficult this time of year and strains our relationship. It certainly doesn’t help that this year is also marred by such a horrible person representing our country. 😦

After failing to take care of myself as well as I might have, my Wife decided to make some executive decisions, which limits my exposure to certain things while further enforcing healthy habits and behaviors. Facebook, which adds fuel to the fire when you’re always teetering on the edge of depression, has been taken away for the most part. Honestly, I feel sort of freed by that.

The less pleasant is an arbitrary number of spankings each evening over the weekend plus each evening going forward, but without the arbitrary number. It does help with my mindset, though, so I’m grateful for it.

Unfortunately, our now rather large puppy managed to nearly pull her over this weekend and she’s in a lot of pain from her chronic illness. Spankings have been postponed and I’ll need to be more attentive than ever the next few days. I’ll be working harder each day to focus on all of the wonderful things in my life each day. At least until spring breaks and life becomes a little easier again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Winter…

  1. This time of year can be trying for the best of us! Hang in there but don’t be too hard on yourself, we are only human after all. I’m not saying make excuses, I’m just saying do’t beat yourself up over it … it happens.

    I don’t ‘do’ social media and I can’t say I miss it …. but I never have. That type of being ‘on’ all the time I don’t think is good for anyone, especially if you are already struggling. Good for you guys to step away, even for just a while.

    Glad to see you back! 😀


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