Submissive Goals for 2017

In addition to our life goals for 2017, I also am trying to set some goals for my submission. I haven’t always taken my submission seriously, and now that I’m getting better about my consistency, I want start focusing on how I can get better.

I still feel embarrassed sometimes when my Domme corrects me sternly. A combination of my pride and cultural upbringing. And I still have a lot of work to do on my attitude. These are the things I want to work on throughout this year:

1.  Honoring the terms of our relationship agreement more fully and consistently. Specifically –

  • Being available at all times for my Wife
  • Getting up and walking around every hour at work
  • Having an attitude of respect and grace
  • Obeying quickly and without question
  • Asking permission to infringe on her time or before walking away or doing something else while she’s talking to me

2.  With the help of my chastity cage, avoid ever coming to orgasm without her consent. 

3.  Practice verbally expressing my submission and becoming comfortable doing so. 

4.  Be mindful of when I’m being submissive and how I can honor my Domme through my actions.

5.  Improve my practical service skills, such as giving pedicures and massages.

6.  Become a better lover and improve my ability to give her pleasure.

7.  Find another submissive to learn from and to relate with. 

8.  Available for any more ideas I may have. I will also be asking for any goals my Domme may wish me to incorporate, as well.


2 thoughts on “Submissive Goals for 2017

  1. Realistic and attainable goals! Best of luck to you in your adventure 😀

    I found having a small community of submissives to talk to and bounce ideas off of was a huge help! Sometimes having another perspective is all it takes to help us see more clearly, good thinking.

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