It’s been a rough several weeks since winter finally hit and settled in. We’re far enough south that it’s not horrible, but it definitely gets cold and is fully dark by 5:30 or 6. Having SAD and also being HSP makes consistency difficult this time of year and strains our relationship. It certainly doesn’t help that this year is also marred by such a horrible person representing our country. 😦

After failing to take care of myself as well as I might have, my Wife decided to make some executive decisions, which limits my exposure to certain things while further enforcing healthy habits and behaviors. Facebook, which adds fuel to the fire when you’re always teetering on the edge of depression, has been taken away for the most part. Honestly, I feel sort of freed by that.

The less pleasant is an arbitrary number of spankings each evening over the weekend plus each evening going forward, but without the arbitrary number. It does help with my mindset, though, so I’m grateful for it.

Unfortunately, our now rather large puppy managed to nearly pull her over this weekend and she’s in a lot of pain from her chronic illness. Spankings have been postponed and I’ll need to be more attentive than ever the next few days. I’ll be working harder each day to focus on all of the wonderful things in my life each day. At least until spring breaks and life becomes a little easier again. 🙂

Exercising in 2017

I’ve always been one to avoid exercising or to repeatedly stop and start it. I just have always found it incredibly boring and mindless. After consistently reading about its importance, not just for physical health, but also for mental health, I finally have the motivation I need after seeing the weight I’ve put on over the last couple of years. For the first time in my life, I’m just over the line into the “overweight” category.

After making some weight loss and weight lifting goals, I downloaded a couple of apps to help in my journey into better health. My favorite is by far the FitBit app, which works with your iPhone. I’m feeling more motivated than ever because I see it as a challenge and a sport to win. How much water did I drink? Did I stay under my calorie goal? Did I hit 4 miles of walking? Where does that put me on the virtual hiking challenge and what treasures did I collect?

It’s actually been a lot of fun and it makes me feel better about myself and my health. I also downloaded a push-up challenge app (100 push-ups after 30 days) and one for jump-roping, which I’ve always enjoyed. Turns out it terrifies the puppy, though. lol

The dog helps out with the walking goals and makes it fun when we can find a field to run and chase her on. I’m even tracking my sleep with the Sleep Cycle app to make sure I’m getting good sleep. 

I had a really good workout last night and hit most of my daily goals. I was informed yesterday afternoon that I’d be getting a spanking in the evening. 

We finally got home from working out around 8 and I was exhausted. My wife suggested maybe an easy spanking since I was so tired. She quickly corrected herself with, “well, let’s be honest, it’s always hard.” lol… So she told me she wanted to just relax and reschedule for Friday night. She’s out of town tonight, so it’s a night in, minus a long walk, with the dogger. 

2017 is off to a good start, and I’m looking forward to the growth in my physical health and in the health of our relationship.

Submissive Goals for 2017

In addition to our life goals for 2017, I also am trying to set some goals for my submission. I haven’t always taken my submission seriously, and now that I’m getting better about my consistency, I want start focusing on how I can get better.

I still feel embarrassed sometimes when my Domme corrects me sternly. A combination of my pride and cultural upbringing. And I still have a lot of work to do on my attitude. These are the things I want to work on throughout this year:

1.  Honoring the terms of our relationship agreement more fully and consistently. Specifically –

  • Being available at all times for my Wife
  • Getting up and walking around every hour at work
  • Having an attitude of respect and grace
  • Obeying quickly and without question
  • Asking permission to infringe on her time or before walking away or doing something else while she’s talking to me

2.  With the help of my chastity cage, avoid ever coming to orgasm without her consent. 

3.  Practice verbally expressing my submission and becoming comfortable doing so. 

4.  Be mindful of when I’m being submissive and how I can honor my Domme through my actions.

5.  Improve my practical service skills, such as giving pedicures and massages.

6.  Become a better lover and improve my ability to give her pleasure.

7.  Find another submissive to learn from and to relate with. 

8.  Available for any more ideas I may have. I will also be asking for any goals my Domme may wish me to incorporate, as well.

Our Kind of New Years

We had planned on going dancing last night, but my Wife suggested a change of plans last minute. As an introvert, even fun plans getting canceled can sometimes be a relief. lol 

We decided on something more low key. Downtown at a French cafe having cocoa, salted caramel apple cider, and a piece of cake while talking and playing cards. We did walk the two blocks over from the cafe to join the city celebration and listen to the live band for a little while. We left before midnight and the fireworks and went happily to sleep before ringing in the new year. I’m too old to lose that much sleep anymore. 😛

New Year Life Goals

Being a goal-oriented person, it’s somewhat of a sport to come up with resolutions and goals for a new year. I’m fortunate that my Wife is the same way. 

We have some fresh challenges this year. Last year was our year of “yes.” We said yes to opportunities and things that our cautious natures would have otherwise rejected. We went to Europe, we got a puppy, we went to the beach, we got paddleboards. But now this is the year of reality.

We’ve put on some weight, we’ve spent a little too much, and the dog has eaten into our “us time.” So this year will be more of a practical one.

We got to sit down today and go over what we want to accomplish in 2017 and how we’re going to do it. We’re setting specific guarded times for us to be together both to just enjoy each other’s company and to be intimate or practice BDSM. We came up with a workout plan to meet some weight and lifting/cardio goals. We ironed out a firm, and somewhat strict, financial plan. And we determined the set time I need each week to be successful in my MBA studies. 

I feel very confident going into 2017 that we have a plan that will make us closer and more successful than ever, and I can’t wait to see what each day, week, and month holds and how we will grow together.